MASTer Recycler

MASTer Recycler Pallet Nailing Machine

Designed for ALL recycled/reclaimed pallet boards and stringers!

Pallet Flipper redesigned for 2022.

Conceived, designed, and built in Iowa.

The MASTer Recycler Pallet Nailing Machine is the ORIGINAL pallet nailing machine designed to build a pallet with ALL recycled/reclaimed material. Our unique design allows an operator to place top and bottom boards of random width and thickness on top of recycled, reclaimed, or new stringers. It builds pallets with different width decking on back to back to back pallets without machine adjustments or input from the operator. This allows the use of ALL reclaimed material which has traditionally been done by hand.

Pallet Flipper

The MASTer Recycler was conceived and designed to build better reclaimed lumber pallets and we continue to build on this innovation.

In 2020 we revealed our newest innovation – the pallet flipper.  In 2022, we have developed our newest pallet flipper system which is faster and more reliable than ever. Please watch the video below to see more.

  • Maximum pallet size with flipper ON: 56″ L x 56″ W, 4-stringers
  • Maximum pallet size with flipper OFF: 60″ L x 56″ W, 4-stringers

Because our machines are built to order, we build to suit.  Please let us know what we can do for you. 

Master Recycler nailing machines are not affiliated with any other machine manufacturers or their representatives. All machines designed and manufactured in Iowa.