Block Pallet Nailing Machines

Big Buddy Block Pallet Assembly & Nailing Machine

Manufactured in Ohio, and built on the industry proven Woodpecker Junior platform, the Big Buddy, Semi-Automatic Block Pallet Nailing System is the perfect way to efficiently assemble your block pallets. 

  • CP3 Block Pallets
  • CHEP / PECO Block Pallets
  • Cruciform Block Pallets
  • Up to 56″ L x 50″ W
  • Easily adjustable to different sizes and styles.

The Big Buddy system is designed to be paired with our Little Buddy mat machine where complete block pallet mats are assembled.  Two operators work with the Big Buddy nailing machine by placing bottom boards and blocks in the jig on the right-hand side of the machine while placing a pre-assembled mat on the pre-assembled bottom in the left-hand jig.  With one full pass of the gantry, the bottom deck boards and blocks are fastened on the right while the mat is fastened to the pre-assembled block bottom on the left. 

  • 6 total nail guns – 3 for the bottom, 3 for the top
  • Bottom and top nail gun firing systems are independently controlled.
  • Shifting jig provides two (2) nailing points in each block.

After the gantry returns to the home position, the completed pallet is automatically conveyed out of the left-hand jig and to a waiting pallet stacker.  The just assembled block bottom is flipped from the bottom jig to the top jig by the operator, and a pre-assembled mat is placed on top of the assembly, while the process starts again.

Little Buddy Mat Nailing Machine

The Little Buddy Mat Nailing Machine is your solution for quick production and quality mats. The Little Buddy can be paired with the Big Buddy to create a turnkey block pallet production line, or it can be custom designed for crate sides, mats, and more.


Standard Little Buddy machines are offered as follows:

  • Build mats up to 56″ L x 56″ W with 3-runner board positions.
  • 3 nail gun mounts that can be made to work with N70PAL or N58PAL style nail guns.
  • Easy to use electronic nail gun firing system.
  • Shifting nail jig for nailing 2 independent rows of nails – 1 down and 1 up. 
  • Mat takeaway to automatically eject completed mats from the nailing jig. 
  • Mat stacker with electronic mat counter.

Custom modifications and options are available. If you require a crate side or top, please call and allow us to review the application with you.