Woodpecker Nailing Machines

Woodpecker Nailing machines have been built with quality, experience, service, and innovation in Millersburg, OH since 2000. All Woodpecker machines are custom built to the customer requirements. We can design and manufacture about any option / fixture / jig to build about any pallet. With over 250 machines installed in plants throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico, our customers will tell you there is only one genuine / tried and true Woodpecker machine. Midwest Machinery & Automation is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Woodpecker Nailing Machines.


The Woodpecker Nailing Machine is a time proven, quality built, innovative, high production pallet nailer. The Woodpecker has two standard sizes: 60” x 60” and 64” x 84” and both are built as 4 Stringer Machines. We can customize this machine to your production requirements up to 126” Long (Stringer) and 96” Wide (Deck Boards) and add additional Stringers. With machines in shops all over North America we have probably built and customized a machine like you are looking for to increase / lean out your pallet production.

Woodpecker Junior

The Woodpecker Junior is a highly efficient single operator nailing machine. Several shops see production of 500 pallets + a day running the machine along with the available stacker. Standard size for the Junior is 50” (Long / Stringer) x 56” (Wide / Deck Board) – 4 Stringers and can build all the way down to a 24” x 26” 3 Stringer pallet. It can be expanded to 56” Tall and 72” Wide and we can also add Stringer capability. This machine can also be customized to your production needs, we have built them up to 160” wide with 9 stringers. All Juniors come with a pallet / skid switch to allow production of single face pallets / skids.

Woodpecker Junior Mat Builder

The Woodpecker Junior Mat Builder is built on the same platform as our proven Junior Stringer pallet machine. It does a staggered nailing pattern along withthe capability of clinching of the nail. With the versatility to produce anything from Block Pallet Mats, Crate Sides, Gates, to Solid Top Sides this machine can reduce your shop labor on many projects. The machine comes standard as a 50” (Tall) x 56” (Wide) – 3 Stringer but can be expanded to 56” (Tall) to 96” (Wide) with additional stringers. We have also customized these machines to do diagonal bracing on crate sides.There is an optional skid (single face) kit available.